Gotta love a shitstorm 

Well here’s something I’d never thought I’d write, but when is the point when you finally admit to yourself that someone’s advances to you (whom are suppose to be your best friend) are more than innocent? 

Now I’m pretty indefferent about most things and I especially don’t realise when people are making a move on me, unless it’s really obvious as I quickly found out this weekend gone and it freaked me the fuck out, waking up to a “friend” inappropriately touching you is not something I ever want to experience again, but after having conversations with people about this today I feel weird about the whole situation… Do I feel it was sexual assault? No. Would I press charges? No. Am I wrong for not? I don’t think so. I told him to stop, he did, we were both very drunk, and he’s been a friend for years, and we’ve always had that weird banter/sexual innuendo type friendship, and it’s been made clear that it will never happen again. I know I’m being a bit hypocritical by saying it freaked me out, but I’m doing nothing about it. Believe me I am as confused as you are. But in this case I don’t feel a drunken mistake is worth potentially ruining someone’s life!

On the other hand everything that followed was a major shit storm, I quickly realised another friend has no trust in me, and still hasn’t forgiven me from shit in the past which I can’t really blame her for because (for want of a better) word I was a bit of a cunt to her, but the trust thing has really got to me, I’ve made it very clear numerous of times that I wouldn’t do what she thinks I would, as 

1. I’m not that type of person 

2. The thought of doing what she thinks I would seriously grosses me out 

3. It would ruin not one but two friendships. 

I know this is kinda cryptic but surely you can figure it out. So yeah that’s where I’m at in my life, unneeded stress, not like I have a whole other shitstorm to worry about, but then again who doesn’t! 

So in conclusion this weekend I lost two friends due to alcohol, a giant misunderstanding and a lack of trust! Fucking joy! 

How was your weekend? 


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